Monday, 26 March 2018

Franchising and IP

Intellectual Property forms an important element of the Franchise model.

This is because the Franchisor (or an associated entity, sometimes called a "Licensor") will own:
  • one or more registered trademarks; and 
  • copyrighted material. 
Through the Franchise Agreement, the Franchisor will grant its Franchisees a licence to use those trademarks and copyright in relation to the Franchised Business being operated by the Franchisee.

Other forms of intellectual property, such as, trade secrets are also a key part of the Franchise model, as the Franchisor will grant the Franchisee access to various processes and procedures, often summarised in a Franchise Operations Manual. 

The Franchise Agreement will include certain confidentiality and restraint obligations on the Franchisee not to use the trade secrets other than for authorised purposes.

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